Thursday, March 27, 2014

Two Modern False Gods: The United Nations and the Olympics

False god #1, the U.N. - The United Nations General Assembly and Security Council are seemingly the world's guarantors of peace and harmony... that is until they are actually needed to maintain peace and harmony. Consider that in our own back yard, Venezuela is becoming a staunch ally of Communist Cuba. Nuclear armed North Korea is led by a veritable adolescent who menacingly test-fires rockets into the sea and literally feeds his political enemies alive to hungry dogs. China grows more militant and brazen and it is now muscling and terrorizing its smaller neighbors. The so-called Arab Spring led to many deaths but little personal freedom and the bloodbath in Syria continues. To top it all off, Russia is now in the Crimean Peninsula. Has anyone seen the United Nations? Has it made one iota of difference in any of these ominous developments?

False god #2, the Olympics - The high-sounding talk of how the Olympics fosters world brotherhood is every bit as convincing as the rhetoric on behalf of the U.N. ...but is it true? [more...]

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