Monday, March 31, 2014

Unbiblical "Noah" is No Crowd Pleaser

The much talked about, biblically questionable big-screen release "Noah" finished its debut weekend with a better than expected $44 million in box-office take. But when it comes to the movie's long-term success, there are some dark clouds lurking on the horizon.

CinemaScore is a highly regarded market research firm that polls film audiences and rates their viewing experiences with letter grades. The firm reports its results and forecasts box-office receipts based on data collected. CinemaScore's representatives routinely survey opening day audiences in twenty-five of the largest movie markets in North America to determine a grade ranging from A+ to F for the respective film. Most movies receive a minimum of "B+" as a CinemeScore grade, with anything less being cause for concern for the studio and filmmakers involved.

The controversial "Noah," which was delivered to the screen by Paramount and director Darren Aronofsky, received a dismal CinemaScore of "C" from moviegoers. [more...]

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