Monday, March 24, 2014

Noah Movie Director Disses Potential Audience

Paramount Pictures is not scheduled to release "Noah" until March 28, but the big-screen retelling of the biblical text is already fraught with controversy.

As an epic movie, "Noah" would have been viewed as having several built-in marketing advantages, the thinking being that any given studio might easily market to faith-oriented moviegoers while simultaneously attempting to attract fans from the general contemporary film audience. The public routinely flocks to action movies and to films with disaster themes, and the Noah narrative inherently possesses both of these story dynamics.

However, the scriptural account of Noah encompasses only about 2,500 words, which may not be enough material to work with by cinematic standards. A screenwriter adapting the biblical passages for a full-length movie would be required to use literary imagination in order to fashion a larger plot for a feature-length project. [more...]

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