Friday, March 14, 2014

If You Like Your Health Insurance, You Don't Have to Pay For It

Call me silly, but I always thought that if you wanted health insurance you had to pay for it. While such an idea might sound like commonplace to rational people like you and I, apparently this idea has not made its way to the administration. POLITICO is now reporting that as many as 1 in 5 people under Obamacare have yet to pay for their policies. This is absolutely ridiculous.

If you want to set up our nation for financial disaster, make people sign up for a program that they don't have to pay for. That's sounds like a great idea, for the administration. If you mandate that people have to sign up for a health insurance program but don't mandate that they have to pay for it, you are setting up the health insurance companies to fail.

Before the implementation of Obamacare, people liked their health insurance policies and by and large, they paid for it. Now, we are signing up uninsured individuals but are not requiring them to pay. I would like to see how the CBO will score the financial impact of people not paying under Obamacare. This law has been doomed from day one and was poorly designed from the get-go. [more...]

NOTE: Out of 300 million Americans, there are 16 executive orders but only one plaintiff: Dr. Kawa has the only official lawsuit filed in federal court on any of the executive orders. Go to:

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