Tuesday, March 15, 2016

3-16-16 Great Guests for Your Show

1. Eva Rosenberg: TaxMama Answers Tax Questions
2. Michelle Seiler-Tucker: The GOP Against Trump
3. Barry Farber: Donald, Bring in the Slovenian Beauty
4. Michael Stumo: Happy 4th Anniversary Korea U.S. Trade Agreement... Thanks for Doubling our Trade Deficit
5. Daniel Greenfield: “The German Government Will Pursue its Refugee Policy with all its Might"

TaxMama Answers Tax Questions
By Eva Rosenberg, EA

We live in a mobile society. Sometimes it’s the employer that requires employees to relocate. Or an employee wants a quieter pace of life and telecommutes. A student goes to college out of state. Then there are those folks like athletes, whose jobs take them all over the country. And, worst of all, these multistate returns often generate audits. What’s a taxpayer to do? TaxMama.com gets questions from taxpayers all over the country. The questions require complex answers. [more...]

The GOP Against Trump
By Michelle Seiler-Tucker

The GOP sits on top of the long list of pundits and insiders who did not predict America’s support for Trump. For establishment Republicans, this Washington outsider is a threat they didn’t see coming. The GOP can’t control Trump like other candidates, which is exactly why he is so popular. Blow after blow, Democrats and Trump’s own party, have tried to knock the billionaire off his position in the polls, but these attacks only strengthen Trump and his millions of supporters. The Republican party will do everything it can to wrestle Trump into a brokered convention. That’s why these primaries matter so much. [more...]

Donald, Bring in the Slovenian Beauty
By Barry Farber

Why doesn’t Donald Trump play his communist card? “What communist card?” you’re entitled to wonder. The best anti-communist speech in the world would do nothing except make the speaker sound 35 or 40 years out of date. A rousing “Tear down this wall!” speech would make Trump seem hopelessly out-of-date. But what’s wrong with a few reminders of what communism looks like at a time when the Democratic Party is speeding perilously pell-mell toward that cliff on the left, led by candidate Hillary Clinton? Donald Trump happenstantially holds a unique “communist card,” his and his alone. The Germans introduced Big Bertha, a cannon that could hit Paris from 75 miles away in World War I; America’s atomic bombs put a quick end to World War II. Trump should now unveil his happier nonviolent “weapon” - Mrs. Donald Trump, born Melania Knavs (Germanized to “Knauss”) in Slovenia, which was part of the old communist Yugoslavia. [more...]

Happy 4th Anniversary Korea U.S. Trade Agreement... Thanks for Doubling our Trade Deficit
By Michael Stumo, CEO of Coalition for a Prosperous America

America is celebrating the 4th Anniversary of the Korea-US (KORUS) Trade Agreement with a bilateral trade deficit that doubled. This single cold, hard fact shows that the current Trans-Pacific Partnership promises by the Obama Administration, which are recycled from the KORUS agreement, are not credible. The KORUS agreement was passed by Congress in 2011.  Census data show that our Korea-US trade deficit was $14.7 billion that year.  The deal was implemented into law on March 16, 2012.  At the end of 2015, our trade deficit nearly doubled to $28.4 billion. [more...]

“The German Government Will Pursue its Refugee Policy with all its Might"
By Daniel Greenfield

Merkel's Christian Democratic Union took a severe beating in elections. Her refugee redistribution plans, along with a united Europe, are falling apart as Eastern Europe rebels against its Eurocratic overlords. But Merkel isn't going to budge. Is Merkel crazy? Crazy like a fox - a really destructive fox. The CDU's poor election showing hurt her critics within the party more than they hurt her. Instead of a minus, it helps purge the CDU of dissent and potential opposition, which, in a European political system, is actually more of a threat to the leader at the top than opposing political parties. Merkel's approval rating isn't too bad and the rest of the political landscape is too dysfunctional to pose a severe threat. This lets her drag CDU further to the center while consolidating power. Think of what the GOP establishment has done to conservatives. [more...]

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