Monday, March 7, 2016

What’s New for 2016 in Tax Software

By Eva Rosenberg, EA

The IRS opened up electronic filing right on time this year, on Jan. 19 - and the refund feeding frenzy is in full swing. So far, 95% of the nearly 39 million tax returns that have been processed were filed electronically. And nearly 20 million e-files were self-prepared. We spoke with people at the major online tax software companies to see what changes they’ve made for this filing season.

Each software provider invites you to try out its system without paying until you e-file your returns (prices range from free to about $117). Most don't require you to enter your Social Security number to test the system. So take advantage of the opportunities to explore. The prices are lower now, but tend to rise as we get deeper into tax season. With all the major companies, you can log into their system with most devices to work on your tax return. In other words, you can start on a mobile device and continue from a tablet, laptop or desktop computer... [more...]

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