Friday, March 11, 2016

'Celebrity Apprentice' GOP Edition

By Wayne Allyn Root

It all began with 17 contestants. Almost all of them celebrities in the world of politics. Only one had no chance to win - according to the “experts.” He was thought of as a clown, politically incorrect, offensive, and had zero political experience at any level. Ninety-nine percent of the experts predicted he’d never even file his financials with the FEC. Surprise. Meet the winner of "Celebrity Apprentice Special Political Edition": Donald J. Trump.

As of Tuesday night, Trump added Mississippi, Michigan and Hawaii to his trophy case. It wasn’t even close: Trump dominated. And he’s leading by a mile in the two remaining jewels needed to put this race away. Trump leads Florida by a landslide over Senator Marco Rubio. He has a commanding lead in Ohio over Governor Kasich.

How could the national media, political experts and commentators get it so wrong? The guy who never ran for office, let alone served in office, just beat out a mob of Washington insiders who’ve played the political game their entire lives. [more...]

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