Tuesday, March 29, 2016

3-29-16 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. Dr. Gerard Lameiro: Do Trump and Clinton Have a Lock on Nominations?
2. Michael Stumo: Towards Balanced Trade as the Primary National Trade Policy Objective
3. Wayne Allyn Root: Is President Obama Insane?
4. James Hirsen: Bernie Sanders Slams Hillary for Clooney Fundraiser
5. Michelle Seiler-Tucker: What Small Business Owners Can Learn from Yahoo
6. John LeBoutillier: The Brussels Attacks, the GOP and Dem Races

Do Trump and Clinton Have a Lock on Nominations?
By Dr. Gerard Lameiro

Here are some scenarios that might change who the ultimate Republican nominee is this fall: Neither Trump nor Cruz get to the 1,237 threshold of needed delegates to secure the nomination (after the last primary in June). At that point, the battle for the undecided, unpledged, and orphan delegates (before the convention) becomes tantamount.  Cruz, with his strong organizational skills and knowledge of GOP rules, might easily prevail and win an additional 150 delegates. [Go here for a complete analysis...]

Towards Balanced Trade as the Primary National Trade Policy Objective
By Michael Stumo, CEO of Coalition for a Prosperous America

The U.S. has the worst trade performance in the world. For 40 years, perennial trade deficits, which are not offset by periodic trade surpluses, have resulted in debilitating and potentially permanent job losses, stagnant incomes, industry losses and massive foreign debt.  Foreign mercantilist practices – such as currency misalignment, divergent tax systems, industrial subsidies – are given scant attention in trade negotiations and have not once been addressed effectively in agreements presented to the Congress for approval. [more...]

Is President Obama Insane?
By Wayne Allyn Root

There is something very wrong with our president. Is it possible he’s mentally unstable? Could his actions fit the legal definition of insanity? Should he be legally removed from office before his actions (or inaction) get more Americans killed? Forget everything that’s happened for the past seven and a half years. I’m only talking about the actions of the past few days. [more...]

Bernie Sanders Slams Hillary for Clooney Fundraiser
By James Hirsen

The Bernie Sanders campaign has found a new wedge issue in the head to head contest with Hillary Clinton for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination: the massive amounts of cash that Hillary receives from Hollywood’s biggest bundlers and donors. After the Sanders campaign derided the Vermont senator’s opponent for fundraisers that the Clinton campaign has scheduled, which feature George Clooney, Sanders himself appeared on CNN and said that bundlers such as Clooney represent “the problem with American politics.” [more...]

What Small Business Owners Can Learn from Yahoo
By Michelle Seiler-Tucker

Yahoo just can’t catch a break, and they deserve not to. Running a business is hard, no matter the size, but some people fail to see when they are making mistakes, and more often than not, someone is ready to capitalize on those mistakes. Yahoo’s management and board can’t seem to make any good decisions regarding the ailing tech company. Given that their core company is theoretically valued at zero dollars, you would think they’d have made big plans to right the ship. But no, they considered selling certain major assets, but to no avail. Now, activist hedge fund group Starboard Capital is launching a proxy war to take over Yahoo’s entire board. Yahoo wants to sell its core business due to failures to stay competitive in the tech market; Google (Alphabet) and Facebook are two major threats Yahoo can’t fully handle. For Starboard, this isn’t enough, and the hedge fund wants a whole-sale replacement of the board. Luckily for Yahoo, the company has until the end of June to work out a deal, so not all hope is lost. At the end of June comes Yahoo’s annual meeting, where if things don’t improve, they could see Starboard take over the entire company. [more...]

The Brussels Attacks, the GOP and Dem Races
By John LeBoutillier

What are the 2016 political ramifications of the Brussels attacks? Has Obama hurt the Democrats for November over his handling of the attacks? In the GOP race, it’s all about Wisconsin and Pennsylvania now. Has Trump peaked? Is his lack of candidate discipline damaging his ability to win? Can Bernie defeat Hillary in Wisconsin? This – and much more – will be discussed by the POLITICAL INSIDERS live - on Fox News Channel this Sunday evening – at 7:30pm ET. [more...]

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