Wednesday, March 23, 2016

3-23-16 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. Wayne Allyn Root: What if White Conservatives Treated Obama the Same Way Liberals Treat Trump?
2. James Hirsen: California Primary Could Decide GOP Nominee This Time Around
3. Dr. Gerard Lameiro: Will Convention Rules Determine the Republican Nominee?
4. Lowell Ponte: Hedging the Election
5. Crista Huff: How to Fight the TPP More Effectively
6. Michelle Seiler-Tucker: Cuba/U.S. Relations Warming?
7. John LeBoutillier: Is It Something More Than Just "Anger" that Is Driving the 2016 Election?

What if White Conservatives Treated Obama the Same Way Liberals Treat Trump?
By Wayne Allyn Root

You know what the definition of a “racist” is? Anyone winning an argument with a liberal. It turns out radical leftists are right. There are two very different Americas. There’s one where free speech is not allowed for conservatives – especially white male conservatives. No white male conservative can ever criticize President Barack Obama without being called a “racist” or being called a Ku Klux Klan member. Then there’s the America where leftist protestors can run roughshod over the rights of Donald Trump and his supporters, without being called out, blamed, or having to face consequences for their rude, hateful or violent actions. [more...]

California Primary Could Decide GOP Nominee This Time Around
By James Hirsen

When it comes to politics, California is best known for the huge amounts of cash that stream from Hollywood and the Silicon Valley straight into the campaign coffers of Democrat candidates. In terms of the primary contest, the Golden State has not been as significant a factor in the modern era, mainly due to its late voting date and the immense cost of campaigning in such a large state. This primary season seems to be turning conventional wisdom on its head. Instead of being a proverbial wallflower, California is likely to hold a primary that ends up playing a key role in determining whether or not the GOP convention will be a contested one. [more...]

Will Convention Rules Determine the Republican Nominee?
By Dr. Gerard Lameiro

Convention rules are vitally important.  While many people are focused on who’s ahead in the delegate count today, it’s possible the Republican Party convention rules will dramatically influence or even determine the 2016 Republican presidential nominee.  Let’s get an update on the delegate counts and then look at some of the current and potential new rules that can make a big difference in this race. [Go here for a complete analysis...]

Hedging the Election
By Lowell Ponte

Economic historians might look back on 2016 as the year that four wildly different candidates were the final four chosen by voters to be President. And yet, perhaps by destiny, a victory by any one of them could potentially send the price of gold soaring upward. 2016 will be a year of dramatic change that redefines America – but not just in our politics. This is a year that could also redefine and restore our very idea of the integrity of money and value. Got gold? That is what the wise are electing to get now, before the political conventions and November balloting. Their decisiveness could make them big winners in the 2016 election. [more...]

How to Fight the TPP More Effectively
By Crista Huff

I’m a political activist fighting the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement. I’ve been an activist for ten years, fighting corruption, helping to elect good people, raising awareness and teaching voters how to become more involved and effective in government. Every now and then, I have an “A-ha!” moment. I figure out a way to work more effectively, outsmart my competition and increase my chances of winning. That “A-ha!” moment arrived last week, during a trip to Washington, D.C. where I was to speak with Congressional staffers about the TPP - to give them enough information so that they’d understand how much it threatens U.S. jobs and sovereignty.  [more...]

Cuba/U.S. Relations Warming?
By Michelle Seiler-Tucker

Air Force One touched down in Cuba on Sunday, making Obama the first president since Calvin Coolidge to visit Cuba. President Obama’s three-day visit comes after a slow warming of relations that began at the end 2014. Although Cuba and the U.S. are a long way from restoring full diplomatic and economic relations, the progress the nations have made looks good for balance sheets so far. Starwood Hotels, bought out by Marriott Monday, announced plans to develop two properties in Havana and signed a letter of intent to manage a third. Though current U.S. sanctions would prevent such a deal, Starwood was granted an exception by the U.S. Treasury Department - essentially a trial run for further economic interactions. Starwood is looking to tap into what will undoubtedly be a huge tourism market. In fact, after the December 2014 changes to policy which started the U.S./Cuba thawing process, international tourism in Cuba has ballooned 17%. [more...]

Is It Something More Than Just "Anger" that Is Driving the 2016 Election?
By John LeBoutillier

What is really driving the 2016 election? Is it anger... or something more? Do the candidates even understand what the American voter is telling them? In the GOP race, can The Donald unify a fractured GOP? Or is it already too late? On the Democratic side, is Hillary, despite her Tuesday sweep, actually weaker than it appears? This – and much more – will be discussed by the POLITICAL INSIDERS live - on Fox News Channel this Sunday evening – at 7:30pm ET. [more...]

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