Wednesday, March 9, 2016

3-9-16 Great Guests for Your Show

1. Joe Messina: Mitt Romney - The GOP’s Fall Guy
2. Michelle Seiler-Tucker: Election Season is Trump Season
3. Barry Farber: Trump’s Breaching of the ‘Small Hands’ Barrier
4. Crista Huff: Currency Manipulation - The Silent Partner in International Trade
5. Daniel Greenfield: Why Netanyahu Stood Up Obama
6. Joseph Klein: UN Passes Toughly Worded Piece of Paper Against North Korea

Mitt Romney - The GOP’s Fall Guy
By Joe Messina

What is Mitt Romney doing in the news cycle? And since when did he become a relevant topic to the 2016 presidential race? GOP leaders in the House and Senate have created this primary election spectacle. They were handed two thirds of the federal government in 2014; and while they may have slowed Obama’s Executive Branch down a little bit, more often than not, it looks to us common folk that they largely go along with him applying little to no resistance. Yes, there are a few exceptions to the rule (like Ted Cruz and Tom Cotton), but by and large, GOP leadership is failing to lead. And they certainly aren’t carrying out the will of the people who elected them. [more...]

Election Season is Trump Season
By Michelle Seiler-Tucker

With primaries and caucuses rolling through June, election season is in full swing. For the blue half of the country, Hillary is building steam against Sanders. Though the former First Lady has 658 delegates to Sanders’ 471, Super Delegates is where Hillary soundly beats the Vermont Senator, trumping him 458 to just 22. Clinton also holds a 9.6% margin over Bernie according to Real Clear Politics’ national poll average. While it looks like Hillary will be the DNC’s pick, don’t forget the FBI is searching through her server to discover the truth behind her potentially campaign wrecking e-mails. If the FBI discover a smoking gun from Benghazi or another incident, that could spell disaster for the Democrats. [more...]

Trump’s Breaching of the ‘Small Hands’ Barrier
By Barry Farber

There used to be a maritime custom that seamen crossing the equator for the first time were pounced upon by their shipmates and held down while their heads were shaved. Something much more powerful and meaningful than crossing the equator hit America shortly after 9 p.m. Eastern Time on Thursday, March 3. Did you feel the twinge when Donald Trump took us by the hand and led us to the nadir of our presidential cultural level so far? [more...]

Currency Manipulation - The Silent Partner in International Trade
By Crista Huff

Japan, China, Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore routinely devalue their currencies, making U.S. exports more expensive to their citizens, thereby decreasing both the quantity of U.S. products sold in their countries and the profit margins on those products. In addition, currency manipulation has a see-saw effect: when U.S. products become more expensive in Asian countries, Asian products become cheaper in the U.S., thereby encouraging U.S. consumers to ignore U.S. products on store shelves and instead reach for the cheaper, often-lower-quality foreign products. [more...]

Why Netanyahu Stood Up Obama
By Daniel Greenfield

On March 9, 2010, the headlines were shocked with outrage over Netanyahu’s “snub” to Obama. Six years later, almost to the day, the same rerun is playing on news networks across America. The White House is outraged, shocked and infuriated by Netanyahu’s “snub.” Obama is depressed at the snub and gorging on a pint of Ben and Jerry’s Brownie Batter to get over the pain of a skipped meeting with the Israeli prime minister. Obama-Netanyahu meetups convey all the joy of a root canal and yet we’re supposed to believe that Obama was looking forward to this particular session with Netanyahu. [more...]

UN Passes Toughly Worded Piece of Paper Against North Korea
By Joseph Klein

The United Nations Security Council unanimously adopted a resolution on March 2nd that imposes tough new sanctions and tightens some of its existing measures against North Korea (the DPRK). Resolution 2270 (2016) is the Security Council’s strongest response to date to the rogue North Korean regime’s ongoing nuclear and ballistic missile-related test activities in violation of a series of prior Security Council resolutions. The triggering events leading up to this latest resolution were North Korea’s January 2016 nuclear test and February rocket launch. These provocations were too much even for China, North Korea’s closest trading partner, which cooperated constructively with the United States to reach consensus on the resolution’s text after several weeks of negotiations. [more...]

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