Thursday, October 11, 2018

10-11-18 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. Dr. Elaina George: Healthcare Facts Count
2. Michael Stumo: The Trump Administration Details Blueprint to Rebuild Key Manufacturing Sectors
3. Daniel Greenfield: How Democrat Rage is Destroying America
4. Kerry Lutz: The Kavanaugh Confirmation is What Winning is All About
5. Karen Kataline: Aftermath of the Kavanaugh Hearings - Why We Can’t Afford to Just Let it Go
6. Brigitte Gabriel: Hyatt Hotels to Millions of Conservatives - You’re Not Welcome at Our Hotels

Healthcare Facts Count

A recent Pew study concluded that 60% of Americans believe that the government should be responsible for providing healthcare coverage. The first thing that people need to ask is was the methodology used to perform the study a valid way to extrapolate what over 300 million people really want? And, second, can accurate conclusions be drawn from a study that relied on only 1,741 people with a majority who are likely to be in favor of Medicare for all/single payer? As with all statistics, you can get any answer you want based on what the question is and how many people are included in the poll. The future of healthcare in the U.S. should not be based on polls, but on facts. [more...]

The Trump Administration Details Blueprint to Rebuild Key Manufacturing Sectors

The Trump administration’s new report on vulnerabilities in the U.S. defense industrial base is welcome and critical to national and economic security. The new report offers a comprehensive assessment of the state of defense manufacturing in the United States and warns of capability decline due to the rise of China’s industrial prominence. The outsourcing of America’s defense supply chain has gone too far. It’s a troubling and unsustainable position, and action is overdue. However, we’re encouraged that the administration had developed and implemented a blueprint for modernizing the U.S. military and revitalizing major sectors of domestic manufacturing. The president’s “Blueprint for Action” aims to diversify away from complete dependency on sources of supply in politically unstable countries who may cut off U.S. access. [more...]

How Democrat Rage is Destroying America

“Use the rage,” former Attorney General Eric Holder scream-tweeted. “Get people out to vote and be rid of these people.” Had President Trump urged his supporters to channel their rage into politics, the quote would have been good for a week of sanctimonious media lectures about his destruction of democratic norms. Not to mention his dangerous divisiveness, the risk of violence and the high price of tea in Outer Mongolia. But the media has neither the interest nor the inclination to even note Holder’s ‘rage’ tweet. It’s too busy preaching anger, fury and hatred to the same shrieking choir of maddened lefties screaming at the sky, having meltdowns on social media and clawing madly at the doors of the Supreme Court. "Get Angry, and Get Involved," an op-ed screeches. "Tears, Fury or Action: How Do You Express Anger?", an op-ed from a few days before shrills. “Fury Is a Political Weapon and Women Need to Wield It,” a third howls.  That’s a lot of anger from the megaphone of the privileged wealthy northeastern left. The New York Times and the Washington Post are echoing Holder’s call for political anger. Rage will solve all of America’s problems. If the Democrats stay angry, they’ll take over the government and be truly ready to unleash their rage on “these people”...otherwise known as the rest of the country. [more...]

The Kavanaugh Confirmation is What Winning is All About

While the Democrats lie bleeding, beaten up, exhausted and spent, President Trump is energetic, beaming and on an emotional high. The Kavanaugh confirmation is what winning is all about. While Republicans of yesteryear would take this as a good time to rest upon their laurels, not so Donald Trump. Remember he’s the workaholic-in-chief and he’s on the offensive... bigly. There’s blood in the water and now would be a great time to inflict near fatal damage upon his sworn enemies. Trump is the master of Churchill’s total war concept. When he rode down the escalator on that fateful day in June 2015, he alone knew that it was a fight to the death. Kavanaugh is in, but that’s only the beginning. Donald Trump recognizes that the timing is right for inflicting mortal defeat upon them. [more...]

Aftermath of the Kavanaugh Hearings - Why We Can’t Afford to Just Let it Go
By Karen Kataline, Talk Radio Host & Political Commentator

The Dems are doubling down on the blatantly dishonest and embarrassing tactics they employed during the hearings. Just as they did with Donald Trump, they’re calling for “Impeachment!” “Impeachment!” before the object of their ire has served a day.  So, shouldn’t we take the high road in the hopes of returning civility to the public square? No. There must be an investigation into how Democrats were able to get away with a final hour flogging in the first place. They deserve censure just as public for inciting hysteria and attempting to pass off intellectually dishonest premises as the “new normal.” Here are just a few questions for starters... [more...]

Hyatt Hotels to Millions of Conservatives - You’re Not Welcome at Our Hotels

The Hyatt Hotels Corporation issued a statement declaring that their company would no longer be hosting “hate groups” after a well-coordinated, Soros-funded smear campaign was launched by groups such as the Muslim Advocates,, the Council on American - Islamic Relations (CAIR), and the discredited Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), targeting their hotel chain for hosting ACT for America’s national conference at the Hyatt Regency Crystal City Hotel. By taking this stance, the Hyatt Hotels Corporation has become complicit with the radical left’s attack on freedom of expression. By accepting the SPLC’s definition of a “hate group,” Hyatt is telling millions of Americans they are no longer welcome in their hotels. [more...]

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