Thursday, October 18, 2018

10-18-18 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. Karen Kataline: Fascists Tactics by “Anti-Fascists”
2. Michael Stumo: Ending China U.S. Postal Service Discounts
3. Robert Spencer: General: Conditions for Islamist Extremism Still Linger
4. Daniel Greenfield: The Incredibly Fake End of Elizabeth Warren

Fascists Tactics by “Anti-Fascists”

Any attempt to draw a moral equivalence between today’s political tactics of the left and the right is propaganda. It is a further attempt by the Left to blame their opponents for their own horrific behavior. Along with these Fascist tactics (while claiming to be “anti-Fascist”) we have a Democrat party that increasingly embraces socialism - the antithesis of everything this country was founded upon. What exactly is a “moderate” today?  Compared to four or five decades ago, today’s “center” has moved so far to the left that a moderate is likely more liberal than yesterday’s Democrat. We can’t afford to compromise the principles of free markets and limited government with people who neither appreciate nor understand the reasons or purposes for them. We must defeat their tactics as well their ideology, not compromise with them. [more...]

Ending China U.S. Postal Service Discounts

The Trump administration has announced a plan to phase-out longstanding U.S. postal service discounts for Chinese companies. The Coalition for a Prosperous America (CPA) praised the move as a sensible step toward ending preferences for foreign manufacturers. These subsidized postal rates have been costing the U.S. $300 million a year; and they’re further incentivizing the purchase, through Amazon and other services, of more subsidized goods from China. We’re happy to see the administration taking action. [more...]

General: Conditions for Islamist Extremism Still Linger

“Little progress has been made in addressing the underlying conditions that lead to violent extremism,” says Marine General Joseph Dunford, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.  The U.S. military is still committed to ignoring, downplaying, or denying outright the motivating ideology that leads to jihad terror. Dunford’s use of the Obama-era euphemism “violent extremism,” when he means Islamic jihad, is one indication of this. As long as the U.S. is committed as a matter of policy to not knowing the enemy, it will never be able in any effective way to “address the underlying conditions” that lead to the enemy’s gaining of strength. [more...]

The Incredibly Fake End of Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Ann Herring has been many things in her life... all of them fake. She represented an insurance company in an asbestos case before becoming a consumer rights crusader. She was paid $350,000 to teach a single course before deciding to fight student debt. She was a Republican, then became a socialist, and then announced, “I am a capitalist to my bones.” She’s also the fake minority professor who plagiarized the recipes of a French chef for the Pow Wow Chow cookbook and killed her shot at 2020 with a DNA test which claimed that she wasn’t lying about her Cherokee background because she might have a 1/1,024th ancestry from somebody from Peru. Like a snake, Senator Elizabeth Warren has shed her beliefs as easily as her minority status. [more...]

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