Tuesday, October 23, 2018

10-23-18 Excellent Guests for Your Show

1. James Hirsen: Pelosi Goes Low for High Political Gain
2. Karen Kataline: Feminists' Selective Outrage - Petty vs. Profound
3. Michael Stumo: Trump Should Tackle Our Overvalued Dollar
4. Adam Andrzejewski: President Trump's War on Waste
5. Lowell Ponte: The Framers Feared the Mob
6. John LeBoutillier: Midterm Election Predictions

Pelosi Goes Low for High Political Gain
By James Hirsen

Nancy Pelosi recently delivered the following message to a group of like-minded people in New York City: “I think that we owe the American people to be there for them, for their financial security, respecting the dignity and worth of every person in our country, and if there’s some collateral damage for some others who do not share our view, well, so be it…” Whether she intended to provide such a window into her political soul is unknown. However, it was a profoundly significant revelation from the woman who is desperately seeking to be Speaker of the House once again. What Pelosi did in her unwitting confession is to telegraph just how low the Democrats were willing to stoop in their craven quest for power, so low that people who merely disagree with their socialist agenda may, as her characterization indicated, become expendable. [more...]

Feminists' Selective Outrage - Petty vs. Profound
By Karen Kataline

What can you say about pampered celebrities and liberals who take themselves and their political correctness so seriously? Compare their stories to Nadia Murad, a Yazidi human rights activist from Iraq and the author of the book “The Last Girl: My Story of Captivity, and My Fight Against the Islamic State” who was awarded the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize. At just 21 years old, Murad was kidnapped alongside an estimated 3,000 other Yazidi women and girls, traded as sex slaves from one ISIS fighter to another. She was forced to pray, dress up, and apply makeup in preparation for her rape, which was often committed by gangs. While Hollywood liberals lament their selective outrage, they are frighteningly silent about real-life atrocities that have been courageously survived by young women like Nadia Murad. [more...]

Trump Should Tackle Our Overvalued Dollar
By Michael Stumo

President Trump's decision to impose tariffs on subsidized imports from China has generated plenty of criticism from pundits and academics alike. But the tariffs, which are intended to boost U.S. manufacturing competitiveness, are already leading to increased production and job growth in the heartland. There's a looming trouble spot, however, because the U.S. dollar is significantly overvalued - and rising - in global markets. And that could end up negating some of the tariffs’ effectiveness. Here’s the problem: each day, global investors purchase massive amounts of U.S. securities and financial assets. This incoming capital benefits the financial industry but creates few jobs for everyday Americans. Worse, it has the unfortunate side effect of driving up the dollar’s value in global markets. [more...]

President Trump's War on Waste
By Adam Andrzejewski, Author of “Operation Drain the Swamp”

"We're going to cut spending, absolutely. It's not as tough as you think, there's a lot of fat in there," says President Trump. Last week, at the White House, the president pledged to cut spending and asked his agency heads to cut five percent of their budgets. Trump's action comes just 24 days after we published an open letter to the president in The Wall Street Journal and USA Today. In the letter, we urged President Trump to wage a war on waste using a three-pronged attack: 1. Post all White House expenditures online; 2. Cut agency waste (five percent of their budgets); 3. Report progress to the public. It looks like the president is following our plan. [more...]

The Framers Feared the Mob
By Lowell Ponte

Today’s uncivil Democrats show why the Framers of our Constitution feared the mob. As individuals, most of us are fair and practical; but in emotional groups, people can sometimes easily become a terrorist mob. We have a herd inside our heads, a mass mind evident in the socialist rallies of 1930s Germany or today’s Democrat socialist street gangs. Unchecked, democracy can quickly turn to French Revolutionary violence. This is why our Framers created institutions to protect our republic from “mobocracy.” Delusional zealot Hillary Clinton still says she should be president because she “won the popular vote” in 2016 – which is like saying she scored more “runs” even though she and winner Donald Trump had agreed that they were playing football, where scoring is via touchdowns and field goals, not “runs.” But even here, Democrats and other leftists are plotting to circumvent the Constitution and steal future elections. [more...]

Midterm Election Predictions
By John LeBoutillier

With two weeks to go before the midterm elections, here are some predictions. It seems likely that the Democrats will win back control of the House - probably by 25 to 35 seats. Despite what the pundits are saying, the Senate is not out of reach, either. The post-Kavanaugh GOP sugar high is wearing off, which is why Trump has pivoted to trying to scare his base with comments about the “caravan” of migrants making its way to the southern U.S. border. It still might come down to Arizona and Nevada. If the Democrats win both, along with Tennessee, they conceivably could take over the Senate. [more...]

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