Tuesday, October 9, 2018

10-9-18 Fabulous Guests for Your Show

1. Kerry Lutz: The Kavanaugh Confirmation is What Winning is All About
2. Karen Kataline: Aftermath of the Kavanaugh Hearings - Why We Can’t Afford to Just Let it Go
3. Sally Pipes: Good News about Obamacare Premiums Can't Hide Long-Term Pain Donald Trump is Trying to Fix
4. Robert Spencer: Amazon Agrees to Fund Islamic Charity in the UK
5. James Hirsen: Taylor Swift Gets Political
6. Michelle Seiler-Tucker: Walmart Partners with MGM for Video-on-Demand Service

The Fun Has Just Begun

While the Democrats lie bleeding, beaten up, exhausted and spent, President Trump is energetic, beaming and on an emotional high. The Kavanaugh confirmation is what winning is all about. While Republicans of yesteryear would take this as a good time to rest upon their laurels, not so Donald Trump. Remember he’s the workaholic-in-chief and he’s on the offensive... bigly. There’s blood in the water and now would be a great time to inflict near fatal damage upon his sworn enemies. Trump is the master of Churchill’s total war concept. When he rode down the escalator on that fateful day in June 2015, he alone knew that it was a fight to the death. Kavanaugh is in, but that’s only the beginning. Donald Trump recognizes that the timing is right for inflicting mortal defeat upon them. [more...]

Aftermath of the Kavanaugh Hearings - Why We Can’t Afford to Just Let it Go
By Karen Kataline, Talk Radio Host & Political Commentator

The Dems are doubling down on the blatantly dishonest and embarrassing tactics they employed during the hearings. 

 Just as they did with Donald Trump, they’re calling for “Impeachment!” “Impeachment!” before the object of their ire has served a day.  So, shouldn’t we take the high road in the hopes of returning civility to the public square? No. There must be an investigation into how Democrats were able to get away with a final hour flogging in the first place. They deserve censure just as public for inciting hysteria and attempting to pass off intellectually dishonest premises as the “new normal.” Here are just a few questions for starters... [more...]

Good News about Obamacare Premiums Can't Hide Long-Term Pain Donald Trump is Trying to Fix
By Sally Pipes, President & CEO of the Pacific Research Institute

Obamacare premiums are going down this year, but don't celebrate yet. Long-term problems remain, and Democrats won't help anyone by blaming Donald Trump. Health & Human Services Secretary Alex Azar recently announced that premiums for a benchmark Affordable Care Act 2019 plan on the federal exchange will drop 2 percent nationally compared with 2018 premiums - the first reduction since the law's implementation. While this is encouraging news, it is no cause for a major celebration. When Obamacare's exchanges open for business in just a few weeks, on November 1, many consumers will still find exchange plans unaffordable. Rates will soar by double digits in many states. [more...]

Amazon Agrees to Fund Islamic Charity in the UK

Amazon has agreed to fund a hard-line British charity whose leading ideologue supports child marriage, female genital mutilation and stoning people to death for adultery. Under its charitable programme, the internet giant will make donations to the London-based group whenever its supporters buy products. Meanwhile, Amazon has banned Jihad Watch, the American Freedom Defense Initiative, and other organizations that oppose jihad terror and Sharia oppression of women and others from participating in its charity funding program. [more...]

Taylor Swift Gets Political

For quite a while now the Internet has had a peculiar obsession with pop star Taylor Swift’s self-imposed political silence. Liberal-minded Twitter and Facebook users have been posting comments pressuring Swift to join the ranks of myriad other celebrity activists who use their fame capital to move the political bar ever further to the left. Up until now digital bully tactics have had little effect on the singer-songwriter. However, times have apparently changed in a big way, and Swift, who is currently on a “Reputation” concert tour, uploaded a photo to Instagram that virtually announces her candidate picks for political office in the state of Tennessee. [more...]

Walmart Partners with MGM for Video-on-Demand Service

On Monday, Walmart announced it would partner with U.S. movie studio MGM to create content for its video-on-demand service, Vudu.  Walmart purchased Vudu studios in 2010 as a precautionary move for declining DVD sales. Walmart anticipated that streaming services would have a major impact on the sales market and would cause many consumers to move to digital purchases. Vudu, which offers online streaming of movies and TV shows, currently has 25 million registered users across its platform. This, however, is far below that of its competition. Licensing content and producing original content has become a costly venture for many businesses.  Companies such as Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and even HBO have all reported costs of billions of dollars a year to maintain their content creation. [more...]

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