Monday, October 22, 2018

Iran Terrorists Embedded in the Caravan

Middle Eastern terrorists are feared to be embedded within the caravan headed to the U.S. It is well known that Iran has had a major influence in setting up cultural centers in Latin America operated by Hezbollah, Iran's proxy army, training people to speak Spanish and working with drug cartels to smuggle operatives into the U.S. This operation has been in effect for years but now has become very important considering the heated and hostile relations we have with Iran.

Iran and other terror players could use operatives within the U.S. to carry out terror operations inside the U.S. as retaliation to our dealings with Iran regarding the sanctions and its nuclear plan. Since there is no way to vet those who are coming into America via this caravan, there is no way to prevent the terrorists from coming in.

The last major attacks in Europe have all been carried out by terrorists who entered Europe posing as refugees:

  • The Brussels terror attacks were carried out by fake refugees in 2016;
  • The train shooting between Amsterdam and Paris was done by a fake refugee in 2015;
  • The Berlin Christmas market car mow-down was carried out by a Tunisian asylum seeker in 2016;
  • The train attack in Germany was done by a Libyan fake refugee in 2016;
  • The machete attack against a pregnant woman in Germany was done by a fake Syrian refugee in 2016; and
  • The Ariana Grande concert attack was carried out by the son of a refugees in 2017.
In the U.S., no less than ten terror plots and attacks were carried out by terrorists who entered the country as "refugees" - most notably the Tsarnaev Brothers from Boston. This also includes Saipov, the Uzbekistan refugee who mowed down people exactly one year ago on a sidewalk in New York.

In my new bestselling book, Rise: In Defense of Judeo-Christian Values and Freedom, I lay out the problem of this specific threat in the chapter, "Terror at the Gates" and why we must thoroughly vet those who come into our country.  Leftist billionaire activists are funding this circus at the border and even providing lawyers to help these people get into the U.S. This, I believe, will mobilize the Right to go out and vote for border security in the mid-terms.  It’s time to RISE up, take back America and vote out those who ignore the rule of law. The U.S. must do whatever it can to prevent this threat and stop the caravan… NOW!

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