Wednesday, October 24, 2018

The Real Roots of Campus Leftism

In a recent FoxNews op-ed, Charlie Kirk says American universities are now 'mob' assembly lines. Kirk is absolutely right that the kind of leftism that began on campuses has now spread to the whole country, mostly through Democratic Party politics.  This leftist doctrine, among other things, maintains that unsubstantiated or even obviously false charges are justified as long as they serve the interests of the supposedly oppressed and fight the supposed oppressors.  I described it two years ago in my cover article, "The Roots of Campus Leftism," for The Weekly Standard.

But Kirk, in his article (and, as far as I can tell from the book he wrote with Donald Trump, Jr.) seems to have only one strategy for combating campus leftism, and that is to encourage isolated and marginalized conservative and moderate students to be more vocal.  This may make them feel a little better, but they aren't at all likely to be able to outshout the leftists, and they should be prepared to be vilified by their fellow students and professors, given poor grades, and possibly even disciplined by their administrators. 

That's why I think they need help from legislators and donors outside campuses, and I suggest in my book, The University We Need, the sort of legislation that might help, along with what I think would help most, the founding of a new university that rejects this leftist dogma and shows what a university should be.

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