Tuesday, October 15, 2019

10-15-19 Excellent Guests for Your Show

1. Adam Andrzejewski: Biden Scandal Exposes Pay-for-Play in D.C.
2. James Hirsen: China Attempts to Censor the World
3. Lowell Ponte: The Left's Plan to Abolish Prisons
4. Karen Kataline: The Culture War That Threatens to Upend America
5. Matthew Vadum: Ukraine Was Investigating Hunter Biden Before Trump's Phone Call

Biden Scandal Exposes Pay-for-Play in D.C.
By Adam Andrzejewski, Author of Operation Drain the Swamp

Did you ever wonder why 97 percent of Congress gets reelected each year even though only 17 percent of the American people believe our representatives are doing a good job? We are excited to provide you with a sneak preview of our next OpenTheBooks oversight report - The Congressional Favor Factory - Legalized Pay-To-Play. These powerful members of Congress solicit campaign cash from federal contractors based in their district. Congress writes their own rules. We followed the money and found a culture of conflict-of-interest. The confluence of federal money, campaign cash, private employment, investments, prestigious committee appointments, political power, nepotism, and other conflicts are a fact pattern. Watch OANN report.

China Attempts to Censor the World
By James Hirsen

The People’s Republic of China has been busy stopping its own people from seeing, listening to, and otherwise engaging in informational and entertainment media of all sorts, including movies, television, books, newspapers, magazines, music, video games, and the Internet. The Communist Party of China, the nation’s single ruling party, heavy-handedly mandates so. Notably, since 2012, when Xi Jinping became the General Secretary of the Communist Party, censorship has increased significantly. Apparently, tech giants Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Yahoo have been voluntarily self-censoring their content for Chinese markets in order to continue conducting business with the country. Other companies and individuals have not been afforded the same opportunity. [more...]

The Left's Plan to Abolish Prisons
By Lowell Ponte

Socialist Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wants to abolish prisons and let their inmates back into our cities and neighborhoods. Criminologist James Q. Wilson, for decades, shared this utopian view that all people are good or can be rehabilitated. Then one day his eyes opened to reality and Wilson saw that 3 to 6 percent of people are irredeemably evil. They have criminal minds that see themselves as wolves entitled to prey on the sheep that comprise 94 percent of us. Open the prison gates as AOC wants and you unleash these wolves back into an increasingly-disarmed society - as the socialist dictatorship did in Venezuela. [more...]

The Culture War That Threatens to Upend America
By Karen Kataline

If you’ve had the growing feeling that things seem to be upside down - that what is good and decent in America is being regularly attacked and systematically eradicated, while the very worst impulses of human behavior are being encouraged and even elevated - you are not alone. Some have begun to debate the question of whether or not we are in a “cold civil war” in this country. In either case, we are already in a hot culture war. A primary aspect of that war is to manipulate a cultural shift to push behaviors that used to be private into the public sphere, while driving other behaviors that were always public into the private sphere. [more...]

Ukraine Was Investigating Hunter Biden Before Trump's Phone Call
By Matthew Vadum

Officials in Ukraine reportedly opened an investigation into an energy company that employed former Vice President Joe Biden’s son long before President Trump’s July 25 nothing-burger of a telephone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky that spurred the Democrats’ haphazard, increasingly Kafkaesque impeachment inquiry. The time element of the revelation, devastating as it is to the 2016-election-nullification push disguised as an impeachment process, has been largely ignored by the mainstream media which is overly preoccupied - as usual - attacking President Trump. [more...]

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