Wednesday, October 23, 2019

10-23-19 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. David Horowitz: Anatomy of a Lynching
2. Daniel Greenfield: Hillary Clinton Sending Up Trial Balloons for Jumping In
3. Sally Pipes: How Long Can Sen. Warren Dodge Questions About Medicare for All?
4. Karen Kataline: The War for America's Soul
5. Lowell Ponte: Why Confiscatory Taxing of the Wealthy is a Hate Crime
6. Crista Huff: Take Stock in Airlines

Anatomy of a Lynching
By David Horowitz

When I was eleven years old, a book came into our progressive household titled We Charge Genocide. It was published by an organization calling itself the Civil Rights Congress and was a book-length petition calling on the United Nations to condemn the United States for conducting genocide against American Negroes (as they were then referred to). The frontispiece to the book featured a photograph of a lynching that took place in Indiana in August 1930. It was, in fact, the most famous photograph of a lynching, one that was the direct inspiration for Strange Fruit, Billie Holliday’s elegy for the victims. The photograph shows two black men hanging from the limbs of a tree surrounded by a crowd of whites. One man facing the camera points at the hanging bodies with a ghoulish grin.  Everybody who has seen any picture of a lynching has probably seen this photograph. The image is horrifying but it took me more than 10 years before I had read enough to understand that lynching was actually not devised for black people. [more...]

Hillary Clinton Sending Up Trial Balloons for Jumping In
By Daniel Greenfield

Can the 2020 Dem field get any crazier? Sure... why not? There's little doubt that Mrs. Clinton would love to run; but having a shot at this late stage would require some extraordinary deal-making, and nobody among the Dems really wants her back for another round. But, if nothing else, this also allows her to remind Elizabeth Warren that she's around, and a potential complication, and to negotiate to embed some of her people in the Warren campaign. [more...]

How Long Can Sen. Warren Dodge Questions About Medicare for All?
By Sally Pipes, President & CEO of the Pacific Research Institute

Presidential hopeful Sen. Elizabeth Warren won't answer a simple question about the healthcare plan she endorses, Medicare for All. Will it raise taxes on middle-class families? Sen. Warren, the candidate who has a plan for virtually every one of the country's problems, has gone silent about her plan for health care. This is savvy, but cynical, politics. Medicare for All will, of course, require crushing new taxes on average Americans. Sen. Warren might be able to skirt that unpleasant reality in the primary, but if she makes it to the general election, it will come out - and spell her doom. [more...]

The War for America's Soul
By Karen Kataline

The War for America’s Soul is a conservative event sponsored by Salem Media, parent company of Townhall, that is touring the country. The title is borrowed from the latest book by Salem syndicated talk show host Sebastian Gorka. Is that title accurate or is it just hyperbole to sell a political event? Not only is it disturbingly accurate, but too many elected Republicans are still unwilling to see or admit it. Shouldn’t we be able to define what America’s soul is before we determine that America is in danger of losing it? I submit that America’s soul is built on the moral imperative of liberty for every citizen, with free markets and self-government as the best possible means to achieve it. [more...]

Why Confiscatory Taxing of the Wealthy is a Hate Crime
By Lowell Ponte

If Senator Bernie Sanders or any other politician said "Black people should not exist. I propose that we impose a confiscatory 97.5 percent tax rate on them to make their survival impossible," we would be outraged at such evil racism. But socialist Senator Sanders recently said exactly this about billionaires - that they should not exist, and that he would use a 97.5 percent tax on them to end their existence. Most people assume that it should be a hate crime to attack people for genetic traits such as skin color that they were born with and cannot control... but most of us believe that wealth is not influenced by your DNA, your inherited genetic blueprint. Recent scientific research, however, indicates that 37 to 48 percent of a person's success in business and making money IS genetic, just like race. [more...]

Take Stock in Airlines
By Crista Huff

There's been a variety of news pertaining to airlines, and specifically to the Boeing 737 MAX jet problem, in recent weeks. It can be hard to know which airline stocks to buy now and which to ignore. I always use profit growth as my first line of defense when deciding, on the theory that rising profits should theoretically lead to rising share prices. At this moment, Alaska Air Group (ALK) and Southwest Airlines (LUV) are projected to deliver much stronger 2020 earnings growth than American Airlines Group (AAL), Delta Air Lines (DAL), Spirit Airlines (SAVE) and United Airlines Holdings (UAL), while Hawaiian Holdings (HA) is expected to see profits fall in both 2019 and 2020. [more...]

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