Thursday, October 31, 2019

10-31-19 Great Guests for Your Show

1. David Horowitz: Jew Hatred Exposed at University of Minnesota
2. Lowell Ponte: The Left Raises Hell
3. Robert Curry: Political Correctness Versus Common Sense
4. Daniel Greenfield: A Majority of White Democrats Have Become Non-Christian
5. Christopher Markowski: Student Scores in Math and Reading Continue to Drop

Jew Hatred Exposed at University of Minnesota
By David Horowitz

In a stealth campaign to reach students directly, the David Horowitz Freedom Center today distributed 2,000 newspapers containing its new report on the “Top Ten Colleges that Promote Jew Hatred and Incite Terrorism” as well as posters condemning the Hamas-funded BDS movement against Israel on the University of Minnesota campus. The University of Minnesota is one of the schools named in the report. The newspaper distribution coincides with the National Students for Justice in Palestine Conference, a highly controversial event known for promoting Jew hatred and anti-Israel terrorism, which will take place this weekend at the University of Minnesota. [more...]

The Left Raises Hell
By Lowell Ponte

One minute before midnight on Oct. 25, as many as 13,000 witches who call themselves #MagicResistance conjured "demons of the infernal realms" to empower their magic spell to "bind" President Donald Trump. Call these witches "Demoncrats," fury-filled left-wing activists from the "dark side of the force" who want America ruled by the minions of hell, by the demons. Since it began, the utopian progressive movement has repudiated God and religious morality, seeking instead a man-made godless humanist religion in which humans are "the measure of all things." [more...]

Political Correctness Versus Common Sense
By Robert Curry

The masters of political correctness in America are moving fast. For example, consider the explosion of so-called gender identities." In 2016, New York City released a list of 31 genders approved by the city's Commission on Human Rights. While writing my book Reclaiming Common Sense, I found out how many genders there were then... the answer: 63.  The latest number is 112. Not long ago, everyone understood the unchanging commonsense reality that human beings are either male or female. Today in New York City, the rules have been changed - and failure to keep up can have dire consequences. New York City's special 31 genders are surrounded by special legal protections. [more...]

A Majority of White Democrats Have Become Non-Christian
By Daniel Greenfield

During Obama's first year in office, 68% of white Democrats described themselves as Christians, 7% claimed to be members of other faiths, and 24% said that they had no religious affiliation. A decade later, only 47% of white Democrats call themselves Christians; 10% are members of other faiths, and 42% have no religion. A majority of white Democrats have ceased to be Christian. [more...]

Student Scores in Math and Reading Continue to Drop
By Christopher Markowski

Student scores in math and reading have continued to drop. The widest drops tend to be people who are poor. It's not about race, not about "white privilege." Students are making no progress and falling further behind. Money is not going to solve this problem. You want to see these kids' grades improve? Pay the parents if the kids do well in school. Give incentives to parents if their kids get A's and B's in school and improve on test grades. I'd almost guarantee it that all of a sudden, those kids would start doing better if parents take an interest in what their kids are doing. Now they don't. [more...]

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