Friday, October 25, 2019

The Lynching of Our Language by Making Words Off Limits

By Karen Kataline

The Left believes by uttering the word "lynching," the mere use of the word, regardless of context or the actual meaning shows President Trump is a racist. This time the Left has irrationally decided this word should never be used by a person with white skin. It doesn’t stop there. In the un-brave new world of the Left, there is a growing list of words we aren’t allowed to say. Conversely, we must not refuse to use words they have newly prescribed for us or we could lose our jobs, our reputations, or our entire life’s work. In New York City, such "crimes" (the use of the phrase 'illegal alien') can potentially cost you a quarter of a million dollars. While we are laughing at the silliness of these arbitrary and authoritarian language dictators, the Left continues to get away with the bastardization - yes, bastardization - of the English language. [more...]

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