Tuesday, April 14, 2020

4-14-20 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. Brigitte Gabriel: China Must Be Investigated and Held Accountable
2. Don Buckner/MadeinAmerica.com: The Plan to Accelerate Financial Recovery and Gain Back our Sovereignty
3. James Hirsen: "Essential" Faith
4. Karen Kataline: Coronavirus and Selective Outrage
5. Lowell Ponte: Did Coronavirus Defeat Bernie Sanders?
6. Sally Pipes: Coronavirus Deregulating Health Care - This Should Continue After Pandemic is Beaten

China Must Be Investigated and Held Accountable
By Brigitte Gabriel

ACT For America, the nation's Premier national security organization with over a million members, launches a national petition calling on the White House and Congress to Investigate and Hold China accountable for the spread of the Coronavirus. The Chinese government continues to do everything in its power to blame the United States for the spread of the Wuhan Coronavirus. If any country is to blame for the creation and spread of this disease, it is China. It's impossible for us to know the true origin of this virus in China because China has refused to share information.

ACT For America is now working on and supporting three different bills introduced in Congress to protect our pharmaceutical and supply chain and hold China accountable: the “Medical Supply Chain Security Act” introduced by Senator Hawley, the "Protecting our Pharmaceutical Supply Chain from China Act" introduced by Senator Cotton, and the "Beat China Act" by Congressman Chip Roy.

One would have hoped the American media would play a role in helping with the virus and the panic surrounding it. Unfortunately, overreaction, panic, and even laying blame at our President's feet are the talking points of media outlets across the board. All of this could have been prevented if the Chinese government had merely exercised its responsibility in containing this disease and sharing more information sooner. This is why we must investigate China IMMEDIATELY - they must be held accountable for their actions. [more…]

The Plan to Accelerate Financial Recovery and Gain Back our Sovereignty
By Don Buckner, Founder & CEO of MadeinAmerica.com

The COVID-19 virus has not only affected our physical and mental health but also has exposed our country’s dependency on China for survival. With 80% of our pharmaceuticals being made in China and India, it puts us in a very weak, non-negotiable position. We are almost totally reliant on China to provide critically needed masks, protective wear, respirators, and antibiotics. We have literally lost our sovereignty! This country’s future depends on what we do next. There are several key components to this critical mission to gain back our sovereignty. [more...]

"Essential" Faith
By James Hirsen

At a time when folks are struggling to come to grips with grave illnesses, economic hardships, logistic challenges, and imposed isolation, faith has become an “essential” in the battle against the “invisible enemy.” But worship communities that have been trying to follow government regulations and guidelines have suddenly found themselves under attack. It appears as though various state and local officials are using current coronavirus-related circumstances to target people who are participating in worship in safe and responsible ways. The free exercise of religion is an absolute fundamental right endowed by the same Creator to whom the aforementioned worship is directed. This free exercise of religion is enshrined in the First Amendment of the Constitution. [more...]

Coronavirus and Selective Outrage
By Karen Kataline

Selective outrage doesn’t work well unless you have liberals and leftists marching in lock step. Didn't they used to believe in "doing your own thing?" Now, they believe we must all behave and think alike. We must hate all the people they want us to hate and give a pass to those they want us to see as perpetual victims. We know all too well the names with which they'll bully us if we don't: racist, sexist, homophobe, xenophobe. If you're branded with those suspiciously bigoted labels, you deserve to lose your business, your reputation and be an example to others that you'd better not deviate from the selective outrage narrative. That includes ostracizing anyone who questions the unprecedented shutdown of the country because of coronavirus. Liberals and leftists used to believe we should question everything - especially, authority. Now they take orders from government bureaucrats as if in a collectivist cult. Freedom lovers don't mind if they want to be in that cult. The problem is always that they want to force you to be in it. [more...]

Did Coronavirus Defeat Bernie Sanders?
By Lowell Ponte

Did Coronavirus defeat socialist candidate Bernie Sanders? Or was it his "woke" young followers who wanted the freebies Bernie offered but could not be bothered to come out to vote for him on Super Tuesday? Or was it rival radical Sen. Elizabeth Warren who by staying in the race on Super Tuesday split the "Progressive" vote? If she had dropped off the ballot, Bernie might have won at least five states that he lost on that day, and Biden would now be behind Sanders, not 300 votes ahead. Or did Bernie Sanders defeat himself because he prefers being a millionaire media star of the left to being a real world politician, a compromiser who is therefore compromised by making deals to achieve real political changes? To remain a leftist hero, one must remain pure leftist. [more...]

Coronavirus Deregulating Health Care - This Should Continue After Pandemic is Beaten
By Sally Pipes, President & CEO of the Pacific Research Institute

In response to the coronavirus outbreak, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has rolled back regulations on hospitals and health care providers. Hospitals are no longer barred from treating COVID-19 patients in outpatient facilities. The feds are also freeing nurse practitioners, physician assistants and medical residents to provide more care on their own. CMS is even issuing waivers that allow hospitals to provide meals, laundry service and childcare while health care personnel are working. Apparently, it takes a pandemic for policymakers to acknowledge that so many of the rules they've put in place serve little purpose. This crisis-driven effort to slash government red tape not only will help our nation defeat COVID-19 - it will yield a more efficient, higher-quality health care system post-pandemic. [more...]

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