Monday, April 27, 2020

Trump - Like Churchill - Defending Western Civilization

There is a chapter in internationally renowned speaker Nick Adams' new book, Trump and Churchill: Defenders of Western Civilization, entitled, "Ebullience," in which he talks about how both Churchill and Trump approached their work with a sense of joy and energy. When defending a civilization from any type of threat, it is vital that the leader does not let himself get down but instead exudes energy, a love of country, and a love of values. However, President Trump, though doing a magnificent job against this unprecedented enemy, has been criticized robustly by his detractors who conveniently confuse his natural optimism and positivity as a lack of care or absence of seriousness. For example, New York Mayor de Blasio accused President Trump of peddling "false optimism" in his handling of the coronavirus. 

But in fact, the President's inherently optimistic manner (he has always been this way) when it comes to America's future, is perfect for the moment. In these dark and trying times, this President has attempted to remind people of sunnier days - both past and future. We see this in his assertions that he built the greatest economy before, and he will do it again.

This type of assurance/confidence/hopefulness was a trait of someone that Trump can be rightfully compared to - Sir Winston Churchill. In England and the world's darkest hours, Churchill consistently offered brightness, encouragement and calmness.

This was never to 'downplay' the threat or a symbol that neither Churchill nor Trump failed to grasp the gravity of it - but that they chose to be sanguine about their nation, displaying a confidence and positivity that lifted their people and enabled the nation to be victorious.

In Trump and Churchill (with a foreword by Newt Gingrich), Adams explains what the eloquent, quotable war-time Prime Minister of England and the brash, Twitter happy U.S. President have in common - both rescued Western civilization from the brink with their unorthodox approaches to domestic and international relations.

It is vital for Americans to understand what is at stake in the coming 2020 presidential election and in the world right now. If the domestic enemies within America win, the consequences for the world could be very similar to the threat Churchill faced in the twentieth century. In Trump and Churchill, there are many incredible parallels between the men and their times. The book is essential for the clear understanding of the dangers facing America and the world.

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