Tuesday, April 28, 2020

4-28-20 Excellent Guests for Your Show

1. Karen Kataline: Do You Believe the Coronavirus Narrative?
2. Don Buckner/MadeinAmerica.com: 4 Steps to Economic Recovery in 60 Days
3. David Horowitz: A Pandemic Reveals the Collectivist Enemy
4. James Hirsen: Michael Moore Deconstructs 'Green' Energy in New Documentary
5. Dr. Steve Turley: Harvard Prof Who Wants to Ban Homeschooling Humiliated as Whole World is Homeschooling
6. Lowell Ponte: Ten Years of 'President Cuomo?'

Do You Believe the Coronavirus Narrative?
By Karen Kataline

Who do you believe about the coronavirus? Unfortunately, the question is moot since those who don't believe the narrative are being forced along with everyone else to comply with orders from politicians they elected and bureaucrats they didn't. The coronavirus narrative, as if anyone needs a reminder, is being given as the reason why millions of Americans have been robbed of their jobs, their freedom, their rights to travel, and for many, their life savings and their life’s work - even though, as we've seen, the esteemed scientists we were supposed to believe were spectacularly wrong, again and again. For the sake of argument, let’s consider the question of who you believe as if it actually made a difference. [more...]

4 Steps to Economic Recovery in 60 Days
By Don Buckner, Founder & CEO of MadeinAmerica.com

1. Do not buy imported products - We do not want to enrich other countries with our dollars.
2. Shop local - Don't go online or into a big box store and buy Chinese made products. When you shop local you are keeping those dollars in your community.
3. Buy only American made products so those dollars stay in this country providing pay for the manufacturers' employees and their suppliers.
4. Hold on to the money until the economy re-opens - Wait until your gym, restaurant and salon opens to support them.
If for the next 60 days we use our stimulus dollars wisely, we will accelerate the recovery and get our lives back to normal much sooner. [more...]

A Pandemic Reveals the Collectivist Enemy
By David Horowitz

Whatever one may say about the origin of the virus – it could have been the result of an accident – what cannot be denied is that the cover-up by the Chinese Communist dictatorship was deliberate and calculated, as most likely was its failure to close its borders until the virus was contained. In other words, this was a hostile attack on an innocent world, justified most probably as an effort to protect the Chinese Communist regime. So ferocious is this self-preservation imperative that the regime has launched a global campaign accusing the United States military of creating the virus, a lie so monstrous it is reminiscent of the lies promulgated by the totalitarian regimes of Nazi Germany and Stalinist Russia. [more...]

Michael Moore Deconstructs 'Green' Energy in New Documentary
By James Hirsen

Michael Moore is known for triggering right-of-center media venues and individuals with provocative remarks, which have oftentimes served to promote documentaries that have personally enriched him. In his new film, istead of throwing a left hook, he throws a right. How can it be that Moore would put his cinematic stamp of approval on something that might infuriate the left? One thing for sure, there is quite a bit of finger pointing at liberal “green” icons included in the footage of "Planet of the Humans," which exposes the hypocrisy of some of the environmental movement's most famous eco-celebrities. [more...]

Harvard Prof Who Wants to Ban Homeschooling Humiliated as Whole World is Homeschooling
By Dr. Steve Turley

With the whole world homeschooling in the midst of this pandemic, things have gotten so bad for the liberal left that the George Soros funded Open Democracy organization has actually proposed the banning of the family! Why? For the same reasons that Harvard professor Elizabeth Bartholet wants to ban homeschooling. How ironic that the left-wing liberals over at The New York Times assured us just last year that liberals emphatically do not want to destroy the family. How on earth did such a preposterous idea leap to the forefront of conservative thinking? It must be those right-wing homeschoolers. [more...]

Ten Years of 'President Cuomo?'
By Lowell Ponte

Democrats are scared. They are now stuck with presidential candidate Joe Biden, picked as a token white Vice President by Obama precisely because Biden was lackluster. Dull Biden might have been discarded by Democratic primary voters, but these contests got rained out in the sixth inning when the coronavirus shutdown halted political rallies, handshaking, and baby kissing. But Democrats have one hope - the "Cuomo Gambit." New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has already been picked by the liberal media as their "shadow" President. To play the "Cuomo Gambit," Biden's carefully picked V.P. selection panel will pick Cuomo. This helps take Biden, who had promised to pick a female running mate, off the hook. It also justifies Cuomo, who had pledged not to run for President... but made no such promise about not running for Vice President. [more...]

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