Tuesday, April 21, 2020

4-21-20 Great Guests for Your Show

1. Dr. Steve Turley: Democrats are Leaving the Party in Droves
2. James Hirsen: Celebrities Show Love for WHO, Disrespect for U.S.
3. Brigitte Gabriel: U.S. Elites Can Correct Mistakes on China
4. Karen Kataline: Americans Take Back Their Constitutional Rights
5. Lowell Ponte: Democrats Weaponize Dr. Fauci
6. Adam Andrzejewski: $3.5 Billion Has Flowed from U.S. Taxpayers to The WHO Since 2010

Democrats are Leaving the Party in Droves
By Dr. Steve Turley

How are the Democrats faring for the November election? Reading the mainstream media, you would think that the Democrats have already won. However, the recent endorsement of Trump’s reelection by the prominent Louisiana Democrat Vernon Jones is but one indicator that something very different is happening. Jones is not alone; there are a number of trends that exemplify a major stumbling block for the wishful thinking so prominent in the media: Democrats are leaving the party in droves! [more...]

Celebrities Show Love for WHO, Disrespect for U.S.
By James Hirsen

Too many celebrities continue to display an utter lack of awareness or understanding about the geopolitical realities of our times. This was recently driven home when many of the rich and famous lent their names and talents to the unworthy cause of raising funds for the World Health Organization (W.H.O.). A virtual concert took place this past weekend, which was promoted as a “One World” event. It was designed to benefit the W.H.O., a global entity that is deeply enmeshed in controversy. Funds in excess of $128 million were raised, according to a press release from the organizers. The timing of the concert was more than unfortunate for our nation. President Trump had just canceled funding for the W.H.O., due to credible allegations of influence exerted upon the group by the communist regime in China. [more...]

U.S. Elites Can Correct Mistakes on China
By Brigitte Gabriel

Our past leaders, going all the way up to the office of the President, have failed to check China’s brutish rise. With the mounting number of lies from the People’s Republic of China about them being ground zero for the current pandemic, those failures and how to correct them, is the biggest question facing our country when we rebound from this outbreak. What makes this situation complicated is grappling with how our leaders weren’t merely silent during China’s emergence, they actually rubber-stamped it. China has been caught attempting to cover up numerous facts relating to this outbreak which has claimed the lives of thousands and crashed the global economy, but that hasn’t stopped the Chinese government from using the industrial power our leaders allowed them to seize as a stick to beat us over the head with. [more…]

Americans Take Back Their Constitutional Rights
By Karen Kataline

Under the guise of the changing facts of coronavirus, false and misleading statistics, inflated projections and even more inflated egos, elected officials and un-elected bureaucrats have attempted to rob healthy, law-abiding citizens of their liberties. Now, a growing number of Americans have discovered that they don’t have to beg officials for their freedom. They had the power all along, but they had to find it out for themselves. While it hasn’t been tested in court, numerous Constitutional law experts have said that even a state of emergency does not entitle a Governor to suspend the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. By the time a case like that gets to the Supreme Court, bankruptcies and business will be long gone. [more...]

Democrats Weaponize Dr. Fauci
By Lowell Ponte

Dr. Fauci's single focus, as long-time director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, is to stop the COVID-19 virus from killing anyone. Forcing people into "house arrest" in their own homes does this. Trouble is, it saves lives at the price of livelihoods. Consumer spending is 70 percent of America's GDP, but consumers are not out spending much. If this continues, by early June as much as 30 percent of America's small businesses will be forced to shut down - in many cases, forever. "Fauci-ism" is killing America's economy and the lifelong dreams and lifetime savings investments of millions of Americans. Worse, Dr. Fauci now concedes that his original fears were based on wrong information and wildly inaccurate computer models. Fauci has called the current pandemic everything from a "minuscule" matter of little import, nothing for Americas to "worry about," to doomsaying it as the potential killer of 2.2 million Americans. So, which Fauci should President Trump believe? [more...]

$3.5 Billion Has Flowed from U.S. Taxpayers to The WHO Since 2010
By Adam Andrzejewski, Author of Operation Drain the Swamp

With his recent vow to halt and reassess all aid to the World Health Organization (WHO), President Trump legitimized critics who allege that the agency shielded information from the world about the lethality of the coronavirus and its ability to spread by human-to-human contact. The most likely presidential policy response will be to re-purpose all or most federal money from the WHO. If done in this manner, the president must notify Congress, but has the executive power to reallocate the monies to other organizations. Therefore, legitimate programs will continue to help humanity. [more...]

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