Thursday, April 9, 2020

A Plan to Accelerate the Recovery and Regain our Nation’s Sovereignty

By Don Buckner, Founder & CEO of

The Coronavirus has truly had a disastrous effect on America’s economy and national security stirring fear and panic into all Americans. The only positive effect it has had is a renewed awakening of the leverage China has on our medications and manufacturing supply chain on many of our critical products, causing us to lose our sovereignty., Inc. is a non-profit driving a consumer education initiative solely focused on educating American consumers on the importance of buying American made.

Many consumers only consider price and quality when making a purchase. We will educate consumers on why they must also consider the country of origin and purchase American made products. is asking the United States government through the pending stimulus package to play a role in helping promote buyer awareness, significantly impacting how “Build American/Buy American” will impact our nation’s economy.

It is critically important to teach U.S. consumers to NOT use the stimulus dollars to buy imported Chinese made products sending those dollars to China. It's how those dollars are spent the second, third and fourth time that really give them a multiplier effect that will speed up the recovery.

But to use those dollars to buy American Made products, this will speed up the recovery, and create more jobs, bringing renewed prosperity nationwide.

We must educate all American consumers and corporations to use stimulus dollars very wisely. If those dollars are spent on Chinese made products, those dollars will only stimulate China’s economy. When we spend dollars on American made products, those dollars are passed around in the country many times causing there to be a multiplier effect each time they are spent. We must all become patriotic spenders.

NOTE: ALL the stimulus money that goes to those supported by the government is not affected by any loss of income, so those dollars become disposable. That's everyone on Social Security, Welfare, and Disability... in other words, half the country.

We have a real opportunity to make the United States of America a stronger country, but it will take ALL of us acting together. Let’s act NOW and act decisively. “The Power of Change is in Our Pockets.”

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