Tuesday, March 14, 2017

3-14-17 Great Guests for Your Show

1. Dr. Gerard Lameiro: Repealing Obamacare - Cutting Through the Confusion
2. James Hirsen: President Trump’s Justice Dept. Begins to Drain the Swamp
3. Kerry Lutz: Trump - Workaholic in Chief, Pt. 2
4. Lowell Ponte: Bracing for a Trump vs. Fed Money Crisis
5. Joe Messina: Truth Through Democrat Glasses
6. John LeBoutillier: The First Fifty Days - Calculated or Chaos?

Repealing Obamacare - Cutting Through the Confusion

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has scored the current Republican bill before Congress known as the American Health Care Act (AHCA) adversely. They claim 14 million Americans will lose healthcare under the AHCA; that it will reduce the deficit by$337 billion over the next 10 years. But, the CBO is not scoring the complete repeal and replace series of bills (3 phases – this is just phase 1). Secretary Price states there are fewer Americans on the exchanges now (8 million) than the claimed 14 million that the CBO thinks will lose healthcare insurance. It appears that the CBO thinks current Medicaid recipients will leave the system, too. However, they have an inadequate track record on Obamacare scoring. Some people think that the CBO is simply another Washington establishment organization that promotes progressive policies. Newt Gingrich suggests Congress use 5 outside professional firms to obtain better estimates of costs and benefits and skip the CBO. [more...]

President Trump’s Justice Dept. Begins to Drain the Swamp

The Trump administration, via its attorney general, recently asked for the resignation of all remaining Obama-appointed U.S. attorneys, which is, in fact, a change of personnel in which new administrations routinely engage. However, the media reporting by the mainstream press and broadcast media has been anything but routine; rather, the coverage has been somewhat hysterical in nature. In light of the recent revelations that the Obama Justice Department used FISA warrants to intercept digital communications of the Trump campaign, the legal personnel change was an extremely necessary and prudent one. [more...]

Trump - Workaholic in Chief, Pt. 2

Recently, I wrote about President Trump’s workaholic constitution and how the media had yet to grasp its potentially negative impact upon their lives. Finally, they’re starting to get it. The Washington Post’s Erik Wemple wrote “...journalists tasked with covering Donald Trump’s White House are growing weary thanks to the ‘unsustainable’ pace the president is setting – with long days, ‘ruined weekends’ and ‘unpredictable’ moves.” His conclusion, Trump may outlast the White House Press Corps. [more...]

Bracing for a Trump vs. Fed Money Crisis

The biggest surprise of President Trump’s Administration might not involve congressional lawmakers, the Deep State, mobs of protestors, or foreign policy. For the last eight years, the quasi-government Fed held interest rates near zero, making it easy for President Obama’s Administration to have massive stimulus policies and run the government with nearly free and easy money. With Mr. Trump’s election, this Fed policy immediately began to reverse. [more...]

Truth Through Democrat Glasses

Democrats have, for years, created a fake narrative that the Right-conservative-Republicans hate women, blacks, Hispanics, immigrants, clean air, clean water and so many more that I can’t list them all. Everything is the “War on _____.” Just fill in the blank with the Democrat irritant of the month. Democrats have learned nothing from their November 2016 election loss. They still believe it was the ignorant, uniformed - “those people” in the middle of the country - who don’t get real news and have guns and read the bible who are at fault for their loss. The problem is the Democrats see themselves as all-knowing, all-seeing, smarter than you, better than you, and knowing more than God. They believe YOU are the problem. [more...]

The First Fifty Days - Calculated or Chaos?

Please join Arlene Bynon and me on our new edition of REVOLUTION_The Podcast as we analyze President Trump's first 50 days... [more...]

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