Friday, March 31, 2017

Newsflash to those attacking Mike Pence: All healthy marriages have boundaries

In case you didn’t hear, there was some serious breaking news this week: It turns out that Vice President Pence and his wife are in a healthy, normal marriage, and they love each other very much. It was revealed in an interview with Karen Pence that she and her husband have established some basic boundaries, which include a policy where neither will go out to eat alone with a member of the opposite sex. This is the part that has gotten a lot of attention in the news and on social media.

Unfortunately, there is a large population of abnormal and indecent people in our country, so the story provoked the opposite sort of reaction. The media wrote marveling, condescending headlines about the “strict rules” adopted by the puritanical Pences, while a herd of cackling hyenas on Twitter spent all of last evening mocking Mike and Karen Pence and anyone else who may agree with their prudent approach to marriage. I, inadvertently, found myself in the midst of the hyena swarm when I sent out a couple of tweets agreeing with the Pence marriage policy, and wondering aloud what could possibly be an appropriate reason for a married person to go on a dinner or lunch date with someone of the opposite sex.

I really didn’t think the issue, or my position on it, was that big of a deal, so I went to bed and forgot about it. The next morning I woke up to find that I’d been trending on Twitter and my tweets had received thousands of hysterical, angry, vulgar responses in the span of just a few hours. People were screaming at me for my “oppressive,” “backwards” and “chillingly psychotic” views, and accusing me of condoning Shariah Law (incidentally, this is the first time I’ve heard any liberal actually criticize Shariah Law). Oddly, I was even accused of being a rape apologist and dehumanizing women. And, again, this is all because I said a married man shouldn’t have a one-on-one dinner with a woman who isn’t his wife. [more...] Get Matt’s new book, out today, “The Unholy Trinity.”

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