Monday, March 6, 2017

Democrats Resurrect McCarthyism on Trump, Russia

Democrats Resurrect McCarthyism on Trump, Russia

Recent actions and rhetoric of Democratic Party operatives and mainstream media figures are evoking the same undesirable label.

From newspaper opinion pieces to social media posts, the ghost of Sen. Joseph McCarthy roams the Washington, D.C. corridors and McCarthyism permeates the Democratic playbook, punctuated with the leadership’s incessant murmurings of "the Russians hacked the election."

As fallout of his investigation in the 1950s into Russian connections in the U.S., McCarthy was accused of conducting a "witch hunt" and was also indelibly linked to the Hollywood blacklist era.

Interestingly, after decades of vilification, the Wisconsin senator and World War II veteran was in great part vindicated by the Venona papers, which revealed that spies working for the old Soviet Union had indeed infiltrated key positions in government and other U.S. institutions.

Democratic operatives and media hacks have been engaging in an attempted cover-up in which they have focused on the fake "the Russians hacked the election" narrative in an apparent effort to distract from the tainted primary that delivered the Democratic nomination to an unusually flawed candidate, Hillary Clinton.

As Michael McGough wrote in the Los Angeles Times, "This [the Russia story] is the Holy Grail — or smoking gun, to switch clich├ęs — of some Democrats’ imaginings." [more...]

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