Tuesday, March 28, 2017

3-28-17 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. Matt Walsh: Where is the Leftists’ Compassion for Our Citizens?
2. Kerry Lutz: Trump’s Fundamental Transformation
3. James Hirsen: Attacks on Nunes Unwarranted
4. Dr. Gerard Lameiro: Obamacare Repeal - Winners & Losers
5. John LeBoutillier: Roger Stone Talks FBI, Trump & Russia
6. Wayne Allyn Root: Renaming McCarran Int’l Airport after Harry Reid Would be a Branding Disaster

Where is the Leftists’ Compassion for Our Citizens?

Leftist policies display such abounding “compassion” for politically useful groups yet have none for our citizens, especially our kids. The compassion of Leftism always seems oddly calculated and convenient, pouring out for illegal immigrant rapists while overlooking innocent victims who have a right to be protected from this kind of madness. It should go without saying, but our kids shouldn’t have to worry about the rapist element from Guatemala, for instance. It’s our government’s job to keep those sorts of people out. And to do so is where true compassion lies. [more...] Get Matt’s new book, out today, “The Unholy Trinity.”

Trump’s Fundamental Transformation

Trump, while never specifically stating fundamental transformation as a goal, has nevertheless pledged a fundamental transformation far greater than Obama’s. His promise to roll back the regulatory/administrative state is nothing less than a complete redefinition of the role of government and its relationship to society. If he succeeds, the relationship of the state to the individual will be completely transformed. Rewriting the tax code will be icing on the cake. [more...]

Attacks on Nunes Unwarranted

A sizable portion of the Democratic Party has been busily investing significant media capital to promote the false narrative that Russian interference in the presidential election is to blame for Hillary Clinton’s stunning loss. Evidently, members of this same intractable liberal faction have now turned their attention toward their next target in what appears to be an endless roster of individuals that the Democrats can go about systematically disparaging, discrediting, and sometimes seeking to destroy, in a political sense. GOP Congressman Devin Nunes looks to be the next one up. [more...]

Obamacare Repeal - Winners & Losers

With the House’s first attempt to repeal Obamacare failing to get the job done, finger-pointing is rampant and blame is being generously handed out to everyone involved. The Democrats are hoping they can start to get what they want, even though they’ve been obstructing most of Trump’s agenda. Keep in mind, there might be upwards of 500 Trump appointments still being held up in the Senate waiting for confirmation. Even Neil Gorsuch, the outstanding Circuit Court of Appeals judge from Colorado, has had his initial vote delayed until April 3rd. Last week, the House vote on Paul Ryan’s first attempt at repealing and replacing Obamacare was never taken due to a lack of about 20 votes. It failed. But who really won? Who really lost? What was learned? More importantly, what’s next in the attempt to repeal and replace Obamacare? [more...]

Roger Stone Talks FBI, Trump & Russia

On the latest edition of REVOLUTION_The Podcast, Arlene Bynon and I talk to longtime Trump friend, associate, political adviser - and self-described "Dirty Trickster" - Roger Stone, who was on the ropes recently as he was named 19 times in FBI Director James Comey's hearing in front of the House Intelligence Committee. Comey revealed for the first time that the President and several of his associates are under criminal investigation regarding possible collusion with Russia during the campaign. Stone, along with former Trump Campaign Chairman, Paul Manafort, and Trump adviser, Carter Page, have offered to testify in the House Intelligence Committee as part of the ongoing Russia Investigation. In our podcast the bombastic Stone presents his defense. [more...]

Renaming McCarran Int’l Airport after Harry Reid Would be a Branding Disaster

To Republicans nationally, Harry Reid is the vicious politician who carried Obama’s water for eight years; who shoved Obamacare down our throats; who fought for open borders and illegal immigration; who made sure we all were taxed and regulated to death. To many Republicans, he is also a symbol of corruption and hyper-partisanship in Washington, D.C. Now, think about this for a moment: sixty-two million people think Harry Reid is the devil. And most of the rest have never heard of him. And Democrats in Carson City want to rename our airport after him. Yes, you heard me: They want to rename McCarran International Airport as Harry Reid International Airport. Hell of a branding idea. [more...]

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