Monday, March 20, 2017

Prosecute the Sanctuary Secessionists

The Freedom Center's newest campaign takes on the seditious "sanctuary campus" movement.

There are now 500 sanctuary cities in the U.S., virtually all Democratic, which are pledged not to cooperate with the Department of Homeland Security in its efforts to secure our borders, identify terrorists, and deport criminal aliens. California has taken the lead in this pernicious movement and is about to become the first sanctuary state. Moreover, every public California institution of higher learning has declared itself a “sanctuary campus” including the University of California whose president Janet Napolitano is a former Obama appointee to head the Department of Homeland Security itself. This is the most massive movement of sedition since the Civil War and is the centerpiece of the so-called “resistance” - itself a form of sedition in a democracy - that Democrats have mobilized against the Trump administration. [more...]

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