Wednesday, March 29, 2017

3-29-17 The Best Guests for Your Show

1. Lowell Ponte: From Sears to Amazon
2. Michael Stumo: CPA's Balanced Trade Ideas Going Global
3. Daniel Greenfield: Democrats Dive into the Anti-Israel Swamp
4. Wayne Allyn Root: Democrats are the Birthers Now
5. Joe Messina: Voting Like Stepford Legislators

From Sears to Amazon

Sears has been unable to compete with Amazon’s highly refined marketing, just as local mom-and-pops were once-upon-a-time unable to compete with Sears, which has been losing roughly $2 billion a year as its suppliers and lenders are now demanding tighter payments and more security. Some suppliers have halted shipments altogether, and insurers have stopped insuring, making Sears’ prospects even more uncertain. Now that its bankruptcy seems near, we should consider what brought this once-innovative marketing giant down – and what we can learn from its heir apparent, Amazon, about how business has been changing. [more...]

CPA's Balanced Trade Ideas Going Global

The Trans-Atlantic establishment is shaken about America’s free trade skepticism. They invited CPA to Brussels, the Capitol of Europe, to discuss our balanced trade ideas, explore whether we are “protectionists” or not, and to explain the American flavor of anti-establishment politics to their old guard. Why would voters, they ask, reject the progress of free trade and increasingly global government? By the end, a whopping forty percent of the polite but slightly hostile crowd were moved to become supportive of balanced trade. I arrived in Brussels thinking I would be a mere irritant to the attendees of Brussels Forum 2017, organized by the prestigious German Marshall Fund. But the opening speakers of the three-day event clearly labeled dissenters as a "threat." The Brussels Forum audience favors a deepening of the European Union, an idea that is fracturing in the wake of Brexit and ascending nationalism in Poland, Hungary, France and the Netherlands. [more...]

Democrats Dive into the Anti-Israel Swamp

On March 23, 2017, Senators had a simple choice to make. On one side was J Street - an anti-Israel pressure group that had hosted BDS activists and opposed Israel’s right to defend itself. On the other was Ambassador David Friedman, the first pro-Israel nominee in decades. And the choice was made. Every Democrat chose to stand with J Street - with only two exceptions: Senator Robert Menendez, the last pro-national defense Democrat, and Senator Manchin. There could hardly be a better demonstration of the descent into the fever swamps of anti-Israel politics than their decision to stand with an anti-Israel hate group whose Muslim-led student arm is waging war on campuses against the Zionist “occupation.” [more...]

Democrats are the Birthers Now

Aren’t liberal Democrat leaders who keep blaming their election loss on Russian hacking all “conspiracy theorists?” And shouldn’t they be labeled with a birther-like name? Aren’t they all “RUSHERS?” It’s amazing, isn’t it? The entire Democrat Party has become crazed conspiracy theorists. They are all questioning the background of our President based on rumors, speculation, innuendo and libel. The Democrat Party is nothing but a bunch of “birthers,” “TAXERS” and “RUSHERS.” Sad, but true... and funny as hell. [more...]

Voting Like Stepford Legislators

It’s extremely upsetting that over the last 5 years or so, the Republicans didn’t bother to have a Plan B ready to go. Because they wanted to slap Obama in the face and put it through on the anniversary of the day he signed the ACA, they were willing to give us an almost as bad unaffordable crappy healthcare act. However, unlike the garbage shoved down our throats by the Democrats, you’ll see, there is a big difference this time. [more...]

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