Wednesday, May 1, 2013

5-1-13 Excellent Guests for Your Show

1. Christina Tobin: Thoughts on Boston
2. Anne Speckhard, Ph.D.: Is There Much More to the Tamerlan Tsaraev Story than Meets the Eye?
3. Doug Johnson: The Appeaser-in-Chief
4. Dave Bego: Big Labor Bosses Fear Employee Incentives
5. Wayne Allyn Root: What Obama Has in Common with the Gambino Crime Family

Thoughts on Boston

The pain, the shock, the sense of betrayal... the Boston bombing has cast a dark shadow over many of our lives. Once again, our nation is afraid and angry. What can we do to end the cycle of fear? For myself, I start by remembering the good that people do every day. The more I’ve traveled I’ve come to realize that there are hidden saints everywhere doing good all over the world. Small moments of love and compassion, though often overlooked by the media, are what knit society together. As we listen to each other and care for others we begin to come together to create lasting change for the good of all. Each of us can start remaking the world today. We can choose action over fear, love over hate. [more...]

Is There Much More to the Tamerlan Tsaraev Story than Meets the Eye?

The reopening of a triple homicide in Boston, occurring on 9-11-2011 is raising some troubling questions about Tamerlan Tsaraev. The homocides involve the murder of three young men - two Jewish and the third, Brendan Mess - a young man who Tamerlan had formerly introduced at his boxing gym as his "best friend." The men were murdered in their apartment on a highly symbolic date - the tenth anniversary of the 9-11 al Qaeda attacks. There was no forced entry; it appears the young men opened their door to a familiar person. $5,000 was left on the scene of the crime indicating it was not a robbery. And the men each had their throats slit - in the same manner in which Mohamed Boyeri of the Netherlands ritually murdered Theo van Gogh, a man who Boyeri viewed as an apostate. Some reports state that the three were nearly beheaded - a crime common among Chechen terrorists. And marijuana was sprinkled over their bodies. It seems the crime was meant to convey a message about the corrupting power of the West, drugs and a militant jihadi answer of annihilation and destruction. [more...]

The Appeaser-in-Chief

The Obama administration is deceiving us once again in order to create the illusion that things are getting better while covering up something far more sinister. When all else fails, they change the rules. Since this administration has no plans to fix our economy, they have to keep us dumbed down and appeased. They twist, manipulate and pervert anything they can to make us think things are fine. But they don't fix anything. A perfect example is their current plan to change the way they calculate the Gross Domestic Product: by changing how they determine the measurements, they can fool us into thinking things are better, when in reality they are not. [more... ]

Big Labor Bosses Fear Employee Incentives

Control is the most pressing priority for the leadership of Big Labor. They need to control the masses; and in order to do that, they must control the terms of employment, and they must control the benefits of employment. For this reason, the Big Labor bosses oppose employee incentive raises. They create discord and jealousy, and thus, the union’s ability to control its membership. But such incentives also create ambition, initiative and increased productivity. While important to the employer, these traits are potentially damaging to the union. Complacency, mediocrity and sameness benefit the union; the results are that it takes more employees to produce the end product, translating into more union members and more union dues, which is the ultimate objective. [more...]

What Obama Has in Common with the Gambino Crime Family

Can you guess the name of the deadliest crime family in our country's history? If you guessed the Gambinos, you're wrong. It's the Obama crime family. The Obama gang is killing jobs, strangling business, intimidating opponents, making the energy industry extinct, and wiping out the middle class. Obama and his cronies are very much like the Gambino crime family, except the Gambinos were nicer. You see, the mafia almost never goes after "civilians." They only intimidate, extort, and kill other mobsters or "associates" active in the insular criminal world. If only Obama was that discriminating! The Obama crime family goes after every taxpayer in America. Obama desperately needs your money, and he'll stop at nothing to confiscate it. Whether it’s raising income taxes, payroll taxes, Obamacare taxes, online sales taxes, taking away exemptions and deductions, he'll find a new and creative way to claim your money. [more...]

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