Tuesday, May 14, 2013

5-14-13 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. Kyle Olson: Unfairly Targeting Conservatives - IRS Visited EAGnews Site 30 Times in the Past 12 Months
2. Joseph Klein: The United Nations' Hezbollah Protection Force
3. Ann Speckhard, Ph.D.: Post Abortion Distress - The Politically Incorrect Trauma
4. Christina Tobin: Truth and Beauty for Freedom

Unfairly Targeting Conservatives - IRS Visited EAGnews Site 30 Times in the Past 12 Months

Education Action Group Foundation, Inc., a Michigan-based organization that scrutinizes the government-run school system, received its tax-exempt status in 2007. We strictly adhere to all non-profit, tax-exempt laws and regulations. The last thing we can afford is the government breathing down our neck. But the recent revelation that the IRS applies additional scrutiny to conservative groups came as no surprise. The IRS has been keeping very close tabs on our operation for several years, probably to a degree far beyond what liberal non-profit organizations have to tolerate. [more...]

The United Nations' Hezbollah Protection Force

The United Nations Security Council adopted Resolution 1701 in August 2006, which brought about an end to the 34-day war between Israel and Hezbollah in Lebanon. The resolution called on the Lebanese government to "secure its borders and other entry points to prevent the entry in Lebanon without its consent of arms or related material" and authorized the peacekeepers of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon ('UNIFIL') to assist the government of Lebanon to accomplish this objective "at its request." [more...]

Post Abortion Distress - The Politically Incorrect Trauma

The recent trial and guilty verdict of Philadelphia Dr. Gosnell for murdering three children delivered alive after late term abortions has raised the controversial issue of U.S. abortion rights once again. It also reminds me of years of research I conducted documenting high stress reactions to abortion and the inability of many to discuss this issue in a rational and caring manner. Having interviewed and treated women with high stress responses - including posttraumatic stress disorders and traumatic bereavement - as a result of abortion, I found myself deeply embroiled in the politics of abortion versus a genuine concern with whether or not all women do well with, and find abortion a useful coping mechanism for a problematic pregnancy. [more...]

Truth and Beauty for Freedom

At the national level, there is little difference between the two parties, evinced by small support for freedom by either. National Democrats support subsidies and bailouts for large corporations, every undeclared U.S. war, and every expansion of the surveillance state. National Republicans support the same things. The only differences are in the buzzwords they select for their press releases. Republicans use "right" buzzwords, Democrats, "left," but they both vote to give money to similar companies and organizations. The subsidized groups then reciprocate with campaign contributions back to the same politicians. Nothing changes, except that the national debt goes up and employment goes down. [more...]

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