Friday, May 31, 2013

The IRS Scandal is Much Worse Than Anyone Realizes

I lived through a nightmare but am here to talk about it. I was one of those victims of the IRS scandal. As an outspoken critic of President Obama and his socialist anti-business agenda, the IRS targeted me for intimidation and persecution - not once, but twice. The first IRS attack started in January of 2011. After I won a victory in tax court in the summer of 2012, I was audited again 5 days later. FIVE DAYS. Tax experts have never heard of this happening- EVER.

But my nightmare is over. Just yesterday, I won again. My tax attorney just received official notice that my second audit is closed and I owe nothing... nada... zero. Again.

That might make me the cleanest taxpayer in America. I’ve now survived four years of IRS attacks under Obama and come out with a perfect record. After four years of IRS agents looking at every line of my returns... scouring my life to try to find something, anything...  the IRS agrees that I don't owe one cent. [more...]

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