Thursday, May 2, 2013

5-2-13 Updates

The Obama Administration gave the AFT $5 million, but nobody will tell the public how the money is being spent.

We’ve apparently reached the depressing point where the federal government routinely ignores citizen inquiries about the use of federal dollars. The message from D.C. to average citizens is simple and direct: we’ll use the money the way we choose and it’s none of your business. We at EAGnews were recently reminded of the $5 million “grant” the U.S. Department of Education gave to the American Federation of Teachers Educational Foundation in 2010. [more...]

Disgraced Florida union boss leaves a legacy of fraud and racketeering

Pat Santeramo’s career came to an abrupt halt last year when the American Federation of Teachers conducted an audit of his union’s finances and discovered shocking irregularities. In July, the former Broward Teachers Union president was “charged with one count of racketeering and 19 other theft-related and campaign fraud” offenses. [more...]

Embezzlement reveals not-so-rich, infamous life of D.C. union boss

If there’s anyone who ever embezzled union funds with gusto, it was former Washington Teachers Union President Barbara Bullock. Bullock went wild with her union-provided American Express card. And based on her expensive tastes, she never left home without it. [more...]

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