Friday, May 24, 2013

Woolwich Murder of a British Soldier

The Militant Jihadi Ideology as a Short-Term Psychological Fix—Examining the Woolwich Murder of a British Soldier

When I conducted interviews with extremists and their supporters four and five years ago—in London, Birmingham and Leeds—I found many young immigrant descent Muslims expressed similar concerns to the recent murderer of British soldier, Michael Abedolajo. Many told me that they had distant relatives in Pakistan and Afghanistan and were deeply disturbed about them potentially being harmed by the British military. While most did not endorse attacking their own country nor resorting to terrorist "solutions" on UK soil, many said they would feel compelled to aid Muslims under attack in Iraq or Afghanistan—even if it meant working against their own military. And some told me that if push came to shove, they might even aid in an Afghani or Iraqi attack on British soldiers or a military installation inside the UK. It seems the nightmare they foretold has now occurred only days ago. The plot, however, is not completely new. [more...]

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