Thursday, May 16, 2013

Grade School Text Tells Students How Republican Governor’s Policies Hurt Education

It appears that one North Carolina teacher is getting into the spirit of the new Common Core learning standards that promote the use of “informational” texts in the classroom. According to the, a fourth-grade teacher with Henderson County Public Schools gave students a brief reading assignment, titled “Raleigh’s Educational Plan.” A picture of the assignment was posted on Facebook by a concerned parent, who reportedly asked for advice on how to handle the biased lesson.

The assignment begins this way: "North Carolina’s Republican leaders seem determined to undermine a strong early childhood education. Governor Pat McCrory’s proposed 2013-14 state budget would reduce funding for teacher assistants by 2.27 million dollars, which will reduce the number of teacher assistants positions in Henderson County Public Schools by almost 50 percent." [more...]

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