Friday, May 31, 2013

5-31-13 Updates

Unions encouraged chaos in an effort to preserve their power in Wisconsin

It wasn’t difficult to understand that the “school” fights in Wisconsin in early 2011 had nothing to do with children or the type of education they receive. They had everything to do with the power that labor unions have traditionally wielded over the public education system. When Gov. Scott Walker proposed his budget repair bill in 2011, curtailing collective bargaining privileges for government employees (including teachers), unions and their radical left allies saw it as an opportunity to make an example out of the governor and cement their power. [more...]

IRS lesson plans attempt to justify embattled agency’s existence to schoolchildren

Did your child learn about how important and critical the IRS is in school today? In light of the reports that the agency was targeting conservative groups for “additional review,” the IRS could use all the public relations help it can get. Enter government schools. The IRS provides a series of lesson plans for students on its website, detailing taxes, the history of taxes, how to account and calculate your taxes, student’s roles as taxpayers, and even tax heroes of yesteryear. One of the lesson plans includes an "info sheet" on how to lobby politicians - presumably to raise taxes for one’s pet project. It’s simply an effort to drum up more business, we suppose. [more...]

DOJ attorney said Big Labor was ‘completely dominated’ by organized crime

There has always been the accusation - and the assumption - that many labor unions have strong ties to organized crime. That was certainly true as early as Al Capone’s era in the 1920s. But a 1978 report prepared for the (Jimmy Carter) White House by Peter F. Vaira went into great detail making the links between unions and gangsters. [more...]

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