Monday, May 20, 2013

Will American Idol Go Through to the Next Round?

The once dominant television phenomenon "American Idol" has tried almost everything this season. But unfortunately, even an episode that featured trendy dance moves by Psy, soulful renderings by Aretha Franklin, nostalgic falsetto singing by Frankie Valli, and a provocative performance by former judge Jennifer Lopez couldn’t stop the show’s ratings erosion.

Ending a season of dismal numbers, the final installment of Season 12 drew the smallest "Idol" finale audience in the show's history. Back in 2006, when the music industry marvel was quickly conquering the small screen, the finale attracted 36 million viewers. Subsequent “Idol” finales would typically tally over 30 million. No such boasts can be made anymore. According to Nielsen, the show’s numbers were down 33 percent from last year’s finale, as it shed 7.2 million of its viewers and landed with a total viewer count thud of 14.3 million. [more...]

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